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R&D Tax Credits are available to UK business that invest in innovation and complete research and development which is technically challenging. Claims in the UK are rising year on year, as companies become aware of the beneficial scheme and make their R&D Tax Credit claims.

Our Compare your R&D Tax Claim tool allows you to view statistics on the claims made in previous years to see how much you could and, more importantly, should be claiming.

By claiming R&D Tax Credits, you earn a Corporation Tax reduction or cash-back payment for your innovative work performed in previous financial years.

Enter your details in the form to begin to Compare your R&D Tax Claim to others in your industry sector and region.

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Using the Compare your R&D Tax Claim Tool

To view the statistics to compare your claim to other businesses that are similar to yours, you simply need to enter your details in the form above.

Once completed, you can identify the average R&D Tax Credit claim size for both your industry sector and UK region; while also seeing trends relating to the rise in R&D Tax claims and the split of claims made by SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Large Companies within those statistics.


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How TBAT can help?

Our tried and tested process of claiming R&D Tax Credits for our clients has proven successful; building robust and comprehensive technical and financial reports that support claims against HMRC scrutiny.

We have been working on R&D Tax Credits claims for over 10 years and have identified over £210 million in eligible R&D spend and brought £24 million in tax benefit to our clients, boosting their ability to stay ahead in a globally competitive market.

We have a great understanding of HMRC requirements and have successfully claimed from a range of industry sectors. Our clients’ satisfaction is paramount, with all of them receiving their benefit from HMRC. As a result, many return year on year.

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Assists organisations in accessing research and development grant funding across a range of UK and EU schemes and industry sectors.

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