Modus Accountants

Modus Accountants are Oxfordshire’s leading Chartered Accountancy firm. They joined TBAT's Partner Referral Scheme in 2019, following a local networking event.

Modus Accountants were first introduced to TBAT at a local Oxfordshire networking event in 2019.


Modus Accountants are Oxfordshire’s leading Chartered Accountancy firm, delivering reliable, affordable, game changing services to support and grow businesses. Their approach is different to many accountants, as they help generate real business data from a client’s finances to aid strategic planning.

They are well networked business professionals with a keen interest in supporting science and technology businesses, with the aim to help them achieve their ambitions.

The relationship

Modus Accountants joined TBAT’s Partner Referral Scheme in 2019. They decided to join forces with TBAT due to the shared interest in assisting science and technology businesses thrive, by utilising the funding and tax relief schemes available to them.

The beginning of the partner relationship included educational workshops delivered by TBAT, to ensure the team at Modus understood the eligibility criteria for Grant Funding and R&D Tax Credits. This allowed Modus to make informed decisions and recommendations to their clients, about their eligibility, to then make a referral to TBAT.

TBAT also collaborated with Modus Accountants to host a webinar for their clients, which increased awareness of the beneficial tax relief schemes available to them and how to access them through the partnership.

The approach to working with Modus’ clients has been collaborative throughout, helping identify clients that could benefit from TBAT’s expert assistance and range of innovation support services, performing early due diligence checks and working together to explore all suitable schemes available to the client.


Since becoming a Referral Partner, Modus Accountants have made many successful referrals to TBAT and by working together, we have delivered a total of £305,000 in R&D Tax Credit benefit to our joint clients.

What’s next?

Modus and TBAT will continue to work together collaboratively, to support their science and technology centric clients and connections, by raising awareness of the funding and tax relief schemes available to support their businesses.

TBAT look forward to attending future events ran by Modus Accountants, to network with innovative businesses in the Oxfordshire area that could benefit from the relationship and the support we offer together.


“We have been working with Vincent and the team at TBAT since 2019 and have nothing but positive things to say. Over time we have built a partnership that helps benefit both our business and our clients. They are experts on the R&D field so it makes sense to refer our clients to get them the best possible outcome.”

Samuel Dallimore, Director

Jo Rudzki

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