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Ignys Ltd first began their relationship with TBAT in 2019. This relationship grew from Director, Richard Fletcher working with TBAT to secure Grant Funding in a previous job role.

Ignys Ltd first began their relationship with TBAT in 2019. This relationship grew from Director, Richard Fletcher working with TBAT to secure Grant Funding in a previous job role.


Ignys Ltd is a Nottingham based electronics design and software development consultancy. It helps entrepreneurs, SMEs and some FTSE 100 companies to bring great ideas to life. They  provide technical engineering expertise in electronics and software to support throughout the full product lifecycle. This includes idea generation workshops, feasibility and risk assessment studies, prototype development, volume scale up, design reviews, compliance support for CE marking and UKCA, firmware coding and the resolution of issues with existing products. Ignys has 150 years of combined experience in delivering successful commercial electronics and software projects in diverse industries; from agricultural products to alarm systems and electric vehicle chargers to Smart Home technology . They are also Elektra’s Design Team of the Year 2021.

Ignys’ areas of expertise include product design and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 (automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies), telecommunications and electric vehicles. Beyond their core services of electronic product development they offer obsolescence protection, product cost reduction techniques and product testing through environmental test chambers.

The Approach

For Ignys’ first R&D Tax Credits claim, TBAT focused on their eligible retrospective years – 2017-2019. Their expertise in product and electronics design resulted in Ignys being employed by many small businesses to support them with their development projects. The background research & development work they undertook, generating their own IP, supported their eligibility to claim via the SME Scheme.

TBAT were able to guide Ignys through the claims process, which began by having information-gathering meetings with Ignys’ technical experts for TBAT to be able to write a well-detailed technical evidence report. TBAT also guided Ignys on which financial documentation would be required by TBAT’s Accountant, to calculate their eligible expenditure and complete the financial portion of their claim.

More recent claims have concentrated on internal projects, one of which has resulted in their own flagship product, a printed circuit board jig, to test batch-manufactured printed circuit boards, that can be known to have reliability issues. They have been primarily focused on optimising the 3D printing process of the products parts to ensure cost-effectiveness and manufacturability. This product has recently been shortlisted for Test Product of the Year. They have since used this to secure an Exclusive UK agreement with MG products offering their full test fixture range.

What’s next?

To date, Ignys have received a 5-figure sum in R&D Tax Relief. The tax benefit has helped Ignys to invest in additional development staff which supports them to continue their own research and development projects, alongside assisting their clients with their electronic product development – both of which continue to make their business eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits.

Ignys are also a Referral partner of TBAT. Together, the two businesses will be co-hosting a webinar in March 2022, looking at the product development life cycle and the R&D Tax Relief available at all stages of the life cycle. The two businesses will also continue working together on Ignys’ R&D Tax Credits claims, as well as building their partner relationship to make successful referrals.


“TBAT have been extremely helpful and working with them has allowed us to undertake our own R&D at a faster rate.”

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