Grey Wolf Therapeutics

Grey Wolf Therapeutics (‘Grey Wolf’) is a UK-based drug-discovery biotechnology company focused on developing novel immuno-oncology therapies.

Grey Wolf Therapeutics approached TBAT to assist with writing a full application for the 2020 round of Biomedical Catalyst Funding.


Grey Wolf Therapeutics (‘Grey Wolf’) is a UK-based drug-discovery biotechnology company focused on developing novel immuno-oncology therapies.

Founded by experienced industry professionals in 2017, Grey Wolf Therapeutics are focusing their research on a next generation approach to cancer immunotherapy, which is more effective than existing treatments and can be applied to a wider range of cancers.

Their approach is to target tumour cells, illuminating them so the body’s own immune system can identify, attack and eliminate them more effectively.

Grey Wolf approached TBAT in Spring 2020 to look at funding options for their technology, and for assistance to identify which Innovate UK funding opportunities would be suitable.

Funding Targeted

After initial scoping calls, TBAT helped Grey Wolf Therapeutics identify that upcoming rounds of both the Innovate UK Smart Grants and the Biomedical Catalyst (early and late stage) would be the ideal competitions to submit their innovative projects to.

Once the 2020 round of the Bio-Medical Catalyst competition was formally announced in early July, this opportunity was selected as offering the best chance of success for the project, due to its close alignment with the themed scope criteria.


Grey Wolf Therapeutics had academic partners in mind to collaborate with on their project, so the application process began with defining and agreeing the scope of project work across the consortium, gaining partner’s commitment to the project.

With the project scope agreed and partners committed, TBAT took the bid-writing lead on behalf of Grey Wolf, working closely with their technical team to form a tightly defined and detailed project technical plan aligned with the innovation story, articulating the commercial opportunity and patient benefits. Deep dive information gathering, and document drafting was coordinated through weekly bid meetings, along with tailored support for academic partners to prepare and submit their respective input to the Innovate UK portal.

Once TBAT had written and thoroughly reviewed all the documents required, as part of the end-to-end bid writing service, the team also submitted all of the final documents to the appropriate Innovate UK portals.

In November 2020, Grey Wolf Therapeutics were notified that they were successful at the application stage and had been invited to the interview stage of the evaluation. For the interview stage, Grey Wolf were required to prepare additional documents and a pitch deck which would be presented during the interview. TBAT assisted with preparing these documents and again coordinated the submission onto the Innovate UK portal. Having successfully guided clients through Innovate UK interview in the past, the TBAT team provided additional support and perspective in preparing the already highly experienced and well-prepared team for interview.


In January 2021, Grey Wolf Therapeutics were notified by Innovate UK that their application had been successful, and that they were being awarded their grant! They immediately shared the news with the team at TBAT.

What’s Next?

Grey Wolf Therapeutics are due to begin their successful project in Spring 2021, to accelerate the development of their therapeutic technology. Grey Wolf continue to work closely with TBAT to further identify funding opportunities and plan to submit future funding applications for additional projects.


“TBAT applied their expertise in grant writing and understanding of the overall process to our Biomedical Catalyst submission. The process ran smoothly, with TBAT leading the crafting of the application and always on hand to help refine the project and scope of the application. The successful collaboration culminated in a high scoring grant and a successful application, which will prove invaluable."

Peter Joyce, CEO

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