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ENOTRAC UK Limited connected with TBAT Innovation at a Railway Industry Association networking event in 2019.

ENOTRAC UK Limited connected with TBAT Innovation at a Railway Industry Association networking event in 2019.


ENOTRAC UK Limited (ENOTRAC) delivers premium engineering and rail consultancy services to an international client base. Technical excellence partnered with a complete knowledge of rail systems and associated regulations allow ENOTRAC to deliver projects and products that no other company within the industry can match.

ENOTRAC was founded in 1987, with the aim to carry out challenging and innovative engineering projects in support of the international transport sector. In response to high levels of client demand; ENOTRAC’s field of expertise has broadened throughout its operation.

Current projects focus on development work for train and infrastructure operators, manufacturers, public authorities and other rail engineering firms. ENOTRAC provide this client base with technical advice and solutions; with an electrical and electromechanical engineering emphasis which provides an improved level of efficiency and reliability in the systems investigated.


ENOTRAC approached TBAT in 2019 to begin processing their R&D Tax Credit claims after meeting at a Railway Industry Association (RIA) networking event in Westminster. Their initial claim was retrospective for their 2 previous financial years – 2016-2018 – as well as the current financial year – 2019 – all of which resulted in a claim of a 6 figure sum.

Since their initial claim, ENOTRAC have focused on continually developing their technology and software tools to model high voltage installations on railways which allow them to carry out their investigations and projects. Their unique tools mean they’re able to seamlessly plan the building or updating of entire rail networks, ensuring that the infrastructure of the network is viable for the load requirements and health and safety obligations prior to any work beginning.

To build ENOTRAC’s claim, TBAT’s Consultants worked closely with key team members in both their technical and financial teams, to fully understand the research and development required in their projects, their technical uncertainties and how they overcame them, in order to write a comprehensive technical report to accompany their R&D Tax claim.

As part of ENOTRAC’s claim, TBAT had to understand the group company structure and accurately calculate and include the salary cost of engineers from overseas group companies, used on the UK teams’ projects.

Due to the success of their claims with TBAT, ENOTRAC have made over 8 financial year’s claims for R&D Tax Relief which has resulted in over £300,000 of tax relief benefit, being reinvested into their business and software tool development.

What’s next?

ENOTRAC’s modelling software and tools need to be adapted to suit every client or project requirements, resulting in internal R&D being performed to ensure they can deliver consistent and reliable results for their clients. ENOTRAC use their annual tax savings through R&D Tax Credits, to reinvest in their team and software, to allow for these step changes to be implemented.


"We engaged TBAT 4 years ago, as a trial. We were delighted by the quality of services, accuracy of delivery, fanatical attention for the client that TBAT showed. After 4 years, we have no doubts about TBAT’s ability to deliver on their commitments, and the tangible value they have brought to our organisation."

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