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After meeting at Accountex in 2019, Charnwood Accountants joined TBAT’s Partner Referral Scheme to support their clients claim R&D Tax Credits.

After meeting at Accountex in 2019, Charnwood Accountants joined TBAT’s Partner Referral Scheme to support their clients claim R&D Tax Credits.


Charnwood Accountants & Business Advisors LLP are a passionate and forward thinking accountancy firm based in Loughborough. They support clients both locally and nationally, providing businesses of any size, with honest and professional accountancy and business advice.

Established in 2004, Charnwood Accountants have assembled a robust team of 28 experts and successfully support over 2000 clients. They provide proactive accountancy services, putting their clients first, and ensuring their financial performance, tax efficiency and growth.

The relationship

Charnwood Accountants met TBAT Innovation Ltd, while TBAT were exhibiting at Accountex, in London, in 2019. The relationship quickly led Charnwood Accountants to join the Partner Referral Scheme, for them to be able to support their clients to claim R&D Tax Credits by referring them to TBAT for expert assistance.

Initially, TBAT supported Charnwood Accountants be providing clear eligibility criteria and helping identify eligible businesses through due diligence checks and direct consultations with their clients; to guide Charnwood Accountants to make successful referrals. Together, the two businesses quickly identified an eligible client, leading to a successful R&D Tax Credits claim in 2019.

Since their first referral in 2019, Charnwood Accountants have successfully referred 6 clients to TBAT, and in partnership, TBAT and Charnwood Accountants have secured over £225,000 in R&D Tax Credits benefit to their mutual clients.

Charnwood Accountants continue to take advantage of TBAT’s Partner assistance, in which, TBAT’s experts speak to their clients to confirm eligibility and provide an estimate for their R&D Tax claim prior to any contracts being offered to the client.

What’s next?

Charnwood Accountants and TBAT continue to work closely to support their mutual clients to maximise their R&D Tax claims, while continuing to make new referrals for TBAT’s expert advice and support.

The two businesses are further exploring their relationship, and looking at new approaches to support more clients to successfully claim tax relief from a variety of UK government schemes, in addition to R&D Tax Credits – these include Capital Allowances and Patent Box.


"As a firm, we have been very satisfied with the work that TBAT have conducted for our client base. Where we have referred clients to them, they have followed up very efficiently and advised on whether there is a claim to be made. All clients that have gone on to utilise their R&D expertise have been more than happy with the end result and communication received throughout the whole process."

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