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Nigel Salter first worked with TBAT, as a client, to secure Grant Funding in 2014. Since then, he has used TBAT’s services to help five further companies.

Nigel Salter first worked with TBAT, as a client, to secure Grant Funding in 2014. Since then, he has used TBAT’s services to help five further companies with R&D Tax Credits, Grant Funding, Grant Claim Management and other related services.


After many years working in advanced technology and manufacturing companies, Nigel founded Badger Projects in 2013 to help early-stage companies scale up. By working between universities, dynamic technical entrepreneurs, and the financial investment and service companies they need, Badger Projects helps founders shortcut their route to successful growth. Working as a consultant, non-executive or an embedded part of the management team, he uses his experience and contacts to ensure that creative and dynamic new companies can expand with confidence. He is a founder member of the Bessemer Society.

The Relationship

Nigel was first connected to TBAT in 2014, as Managing Director of a University of Manchester spin-out, when they required support while applying for Grant Funding to develop their graphene products.

After providing successful support for their Grant Funding applications, Nigel continued his relationship with TBAT and has recommended that many companies reach out to TBAT to discuss funding support for their innovation.

Since Nigel started his own Consultancy in 2017– Badger Projects, the referral relationship has grown into a fruitful partnership, with many businesses being referred and supported by the two businesses working collaboratively, always with the client’s best interests in mind.

Badger Projects and Nigel have seen first-hand, the benefits of accessing Grant Funding and the various tax relief schemes available to innovative technology companies throughout the stages of their project life cycle, and how the schemes can help accelerate their efforts to bring their technology to commercial success.

To date, the referrals made to TBAT have resulted in £96,000 in R&D Tax Credit benefit to the clients, companies supported to receive Grant Funding and some businesses also receiving Grant Claim Management support from TBAT, to successfully manage their Grant Funded projects.

What’s next?

Badger Projects and TBAT are looking forward to continuing to work together to support technology and manufacturing businesses gain the full benefits of the innovation funding and tax relief schemes available to them.

Together, the two companies are also looking at new ways to collaborate further, including the sponsorship of corporate events and how to connect with new clients that would find the support services offered by both Badger Projects and TBAT, very useful!


"TBAT understands that small companies have limited resources and thinly stretched founders. They provide good advice and valuable outcomes."

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