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Anzen Technology Systems met TBAT in 2019 to discuss applying for an Innovate UK SMART Grant.

Anzen Technology Systems met TBAT in 2019 to discuss applying for an Innovate UK SMART Grant.


Anzen Technology Systems develop software solutions and intellectual property that allows organisations to utilise the public cloud for sensitive and/or classified information, whilst increasing data security and retaining data sovereignty.

Their technology is unique, but it is also complementary to cloud and on-premise standard security defences.

Anzen’s solutions apply to all sectors, in particular Defence & Government, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Insurance and Financial Services in securing data at rest; rea-time data and may also be applied for securing data in IoT and edge computing.

Our Approach

Anzen Technology Systems first connected with TBAT Innovation Ltd in 2019 following a successful Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) fixed price project to deliver a performant cloud API of its technology. Thereafter, Anzen wanted to explore funding opportunities to continue development on their technology with the aim of commercialising it for sale and use by  commercial and government organisations

TBAT’s team worked closely with Anzen to identify the Innovate UK SMART Grant as the best opportunity for them to obtain grant funding for their project.

Anzen’s technology is a data security innovation designed to protect information and privacy through its patented data anonymization and sharding process – which breaks the data up into multiple shards of data that is totally unreadable. Each shard may then be stored in separate locations or cloud services. These shards are unintelligible on their own, rendering them useless to an attacker stealing and trying to read them. No information can be revealed without access and possession to the total set of shards

TBAT’s Consultant, Mark Sunderland, worked alongside Anzen’s team to help them understand the Innovate UK application process, what information would be required for their application and the level of technical detail that was needed, as they had not applied for Innovate UK funding before.

Due to the highly technical nature of their technology and project, a key aspect of the application writing process was for Mark to develop a clear understanding of their technology in detail and translate that technical detail into easily understandable language for the assessors, who may not be deep technology or data security experts.

Following TBAT’s assistance in writing their Innovate UK SMART Grant application, Anzen successfully secured their requested grant funding of £192,750, towards their total project costs of £275,360, and their project was successfully completed within the proposed 12-months.

What’s next?

Following successful completion of their project, Anzen are integrating its data anonymisation and sharding capabilities with cloud platform and data management solution companies, launching to their respective markets and customer bases

Anzen are in close contact with TBAT, discussing further grant funding opportunities such as additional funding from DASA and Innovate UK for new projects.

Anzen are also continuing their trusted relationship with TBAT by utilising our expertise to claim R&D Tax Credits. Our team of Consultants have expertise in a wide variety of science, engineering, software and healthcare disciplines and therefore fully understand the science and technology of their projects. We will work with Anzen to ensure that they are able to submit a robust, successful and maximised claim to HMRC.


"TBAT’s individual consultant’s backgrounds meant they quickly got up to speed in understanding our complex technology. This, together with their undoubted successes in helping companies navigate the grant application processes meant they were a great fit and partner for us."

Hoon Ywen Li - CEO - Anzen Technology Systems

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