23 May 2023

Carbon ThreeSixty and TBAT Innovation Partnership

Ian Davie
Senior Consultant

Carbon ThreeSixty® is a UK-based company established in 2017 by founders Ed Allnutt and Will Battrick that specialises in using advanced technology to develop and manufacture high-performance carbon fibre composites. Their products are used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, defence, and energy.

Carbon ThreeSixty® innovates using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, such as tailored fibre placement, filament winding, RTM and compression moulding, to create complex, high-performance composite structures with high precision and consistency. They also use advanced materials to enhance the properties of their composites.

Furthermore, Carbon ThreeSixty® optimises the design and manufacturing processes, reducing the  time and cost required to produce complex composite structures. They also collaborate closely with their customers to tailor their products to specific needs and requirements. Examples of products that Carbon ThreeSixty produce are carbon fibre wheels for use in automotive and defence applications, rotor blades for UAV and eVTOL vehicles, electric motor components and hydrogen storage solutions.

TBAT Innovation is a niche innovation funding consultancy, and our dedicated technologist consultants come from a wide variety of specialist backgrounds in R&D fields – allowing us to fully understand the technologies that our clients are producing to assist with R&D tax, grants, investment and patent box claims. This unique technical skill set, coupled with our due-diligent nature and robust processes, has enabled our clients to access £millions in support through the HMRC R&D tax relief schemes, grants and investments.

Carbon ThreeSixty® has been working with TBAT Innovation to help claim their R&D tax reliefs since April 2019, working with consultants Ian Davie and Chris Stuttle to establish a strong claim for the business, which is important for the heavily R&D-orientated company. TBAT Innovation worked diligently with Carbon ThreeSixty® to ensure the claim was robust, well evidenced, and correctly claimed on a complex claim, including self-funded, commercial contracts, notified state aid and non-notified state aid grant projects.

Outside of the direct R&D tax claim preparation, TBAT Innovation was able to advise concerning questions about materials allocations and treatment of intangible assets. This involved building productive relationships between TBAT’s consultants, Carbon ThreeSixty’s directors, and their accountants – allowing each party to focus on their areas of expertise.

At the renewal of the R&D tax claim contract Carbon ThreeSixty® was happy to share their growth plans with TBAT Innovation, which included a five-fold increase in R&D spend. TBAT Innovation assisted with a future forecast of R&D claims for budgeting and cashflow prediction to ensure Carbon ThreeSixty remained financially stable while accessing grant-funding for their development plans.

As Carbon ThreeSixty® and TBAT Innovation developed a trusted working partnership, it was agreed that a  longer-term contract was suitable for stability and the trust built up in supporting each other. TBAT Innovation  keeps a valued client and Carbon ThreeSixty® a valued advisor across all innovation funding streams as they  invest and grow as a business.

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