21 Mar 2018

A-Z of TBAT Innovation

A-Z of TBAT Innovation

A is for APPLICATIONS. Our bid writing Consultants have been writing applications for Grant Funding collectively for 35 years, therefore have tons of experience on how to write successful applications that are over the threshold needed to be funded.

B is for BACKGROUND. Our Consultants have come from different backgrounds in industries such as: mechanical/aero-engineering, opto-electronic research, genetics, chemistry and economics – just to name a few!

C is for Consultancy TBAT Innovation are happy to provide their due diligence on potential business development opportunities, specific market research, technology positioning and future strategy.
D is for DETAIL. TBAT’s attention to detail through all projects is second-to-none.

E is for EVENTS. We attend multiple industry events throughout each year to network and promote how TBAT can help you!

F is for FEEDBACK. Not only do we monitor and evaluate feedback received from Grant Funding applications, we also request feedback from all our clients to understand their perspective on our processes, so we can continually improve!

G is for Grant Funding TBAT have a dedicated team of writers that can assist in writing your Grant Funding application or provide feedback and advise on how to improve your existing application.

H is for HMRC. Our R&D Tax Credits Consultants understand exactly what HMRC require for a successful R&D Tax Claim, ensuring we continue to support our clients in claiming the maximum amount they are eligible for.

I is for INNOVATION. We love to learn about the new and innovative projects companies are working on and helping them through a range of our services!

J is for JUST ASK. Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you may have – we are all contactable by phone or email and are eager to help!

K is for KNOWLEDGE. TBAT Innovation has been running for over 15 years, meaning our knowledge base is extensive in what we do.

L is for LASTING RELATIONSHIPS. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, so we can continue to assist them year-on-year.

M is for MARKET RESEARCH. Our Consultants are more than happy to do thorough market research to fill in any knowledge gaps in your Grant Funding applications to guarantee your best chance of receiving funding.

N is for NEW TECHNOLOGY. Developing new technology can sometimes be costly and a long process. TBAT can help by assisting you with access to Grant Funding, or to R&D Tax Credits to allow your development to continue.

O is for OPENNESS. TBAT are an open and honest company, something that we pride ourselves in.

P is for Project Management Our Project Management Consultants are practised in supporting organisations through innovative development projects, providing valuable assistance at all stages.

Q is for QUALITY. We are ISO9001-accredited, meaning all our work is to an extremely high standard. Everything we produce is proof read and checked by other members of the team, before being sent to the client for external review.

R is for  R&D Tax Credits TBAT have a team of Consultants committed to our process for claiming R&D Tax Credits. Not only will they scope the claim beforehand, they will visit your premises to gather all the information required for a successful claim. The claim is then produced in 2 parts, a ‘HMRC friendly’ technical report along with the financial report. They will liaise directly with your Accountants to give full instructions regarding submitting the claim, and will help resolve any queries HMRC may have, at no extra cost.

S is for SUCCESS. We have a 100% success rate for R&D Tax Claims, and a 76% success rate for Grant Funding over the last 12 months.

T is for TEAMWORK. We are a deliberately small and close-nit team. We work together seamlessly in a relaxed, open and honest environment.

U is for UNDERSTANDING. Each of our Consultants’ goal is to fully understand your business and projects to maximise our ability to guide you in the correct way.

V is for VISIBILITY. We aim to be completely transparent with our advice, our services and our visibility.

W is for WORKSHOPS. TBAT Innovation can run workshops for clients either at our premises, or theirs. This allows us to get an understanding of their projects and advise if there are grant opportunities available, or whether another of our services may be best suited.

X is for XPERTISE. A little cheat! Because of our varied background, our years of experience in different fields and never-ending internal knowledge sharing; our expertise covers a huge range of industries; and we are constantly growing.

Y is for You We look to put you at the core of what we do. Our intention is to make the process as painless as possible, giving you the best chance of success, whether it’s a R&D tax claim or grant application.

Z is for ZEALOUS. Our zealous team are eager to help your company progress with your R&D projects! Get in touch with TBAT and see how we can work together!

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