20 Apr 2020

5 top tips for resubmitting your funding application

Matt Symonds

You’ve applied for grant funding; you’ve had a response from the funding body and been unsuccessful; what’s next? It’s time to consider your resubmission.

Most competitions allow you to submit any proposal a maximum of 2 times. If your proposal has been assessed and is unsuccessful, you can reapply with the same proposal, taking into account the feedback received – this is classed as a resubmission.

Our expert Bid Writers have put together their 5 top tips to resubmitting your funding application to help you with the process.

Read and understand the assessor’s feedback

This one may seem obvious but it’s the most important!

We advise you to read the assessors feedback carefully and read it as many times as necessary. You need to fully understand all of the points the assessors have made and identify which parts of your application require further attention.

Be objective

We understand you’ve worked hard on your application and that it means a lot to you. Being unsuccessful in a competition and reading the feedback can be a disheartening process.

During the assessment process, the assessors have to be objective and so do you!

It’s your project, your business, your application and being passionate about it is great. You need to channel your passion for the project productively, take on board the feedback in a constructive manner and work hard to address the comments to create a new and improved application.

Plan before writing

It can be tempting to dive straight into re-writing your application to address feedback. Our advice is to take your time and plan your response before putting the proverbial ‘pen to paper’.

You need to simultaneously take into account what the original question is asking for and the assessor’s comments.

For each question, decide what you need to omit from your existing answer, decide what you now need to include – all in note form – then draft some new answers in a new document and keep working on them, referring back to the question and the comments provided until you’ve included everything you need.

Answer all the bullet points within each question

We’ve seen many applications score below the funding threshold simply because the answers do not address all of the stated bullet points within each question.

Let’s look at an example – this is Question 5 for an Innovate UK Smart Grant application.

This question asks you to consider and answer 9 separate points regarding the project outcomes and route to market, all within a 400-word limit.

It’s a hefty task but by remaining objective and planning your answers, you can be extremely concise, packing all of the required information into your response.



Consider asking for help

Be under no illusions, writing a successful application is an all-encompassing task.

You’ve already spent a long time writing your original application and waiting for the results; now you’ve got to find even more time to write your resubmission; so, consider seeking a professional Bid Writer’s help.

By utilising the skills of a Bid Writer, you’re accessing their knowledge of how to analyse feedback and write the focused answers the assessors want to see.

How to get in touch

Collectively, our team of Bid Writers have over 30 years of experience writing Grant Funding applications. They’ve secured a 76% success rate across UK and EU funding competitions and over £19 million in funding for our clients over the last 12 months.

Their unique skillset makes them the essential partner to assist you to resubmit your application, helping you to ensure your application scores over the funding threshold.

If you’ve got an application that you’d like to resubmit, but need our help, get in touch with the team today for a free consultation.

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