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As anyone will tell you I am heavily involved with the Equine industry, specifically show horses. Most of my spare time is either spent in the saddle or involved with an equine event of some kind. I have always been an animal lover from an early age and if I hadn’t got involved with numbers I would almost certainly have pursued a veterinary career.

Having worked in banking for most of my career I am extremely interested in business and innovation as without this no business would move forward! I am delighted to be part of the TBAT Team here in Oxford and I look forward to growing the business throughout the south of the UK.

My career began within Barclays Bank as a password resetter (very glamorous role) and from there I had a passion for leadership so very quickly got myself a place within the leadership academy. Within 12 months I secured a role within the Corporate bank and lead my first team, the focus being on supporting the Corporate client through planning and growth. After 5 years of solid leadership I took a role within the Business bank supporting local business managers through a coaching and mentoring capacity.

I have applied this experience within my role here at TBAT which has allowed me to understand our client’s requirements very quickly and provide the necessary support required. We now have a huge demand for support throughout the Oxford and Thames Valley area relating to all things R&D!

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