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I’ve always been a creative engineer at heart and quickly developed a passion for Technology & Design and Sciences at school. I joined Queens University in Belfast, to complete a Masters Mechanical Engineering Degree in Product Design & Development inclusive of 6 months at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. I graduated and left Northern Ireland to work for the Vaillant Group, a global white goods company manufacturing in Derbyshire. I developed a lot in almost 6 years there, in my Engineering and R&D roles but also developing an awareness that departmental cross functionality and collaboration is essential to an efficient development project.

I took manufacturing process improvements from conception, to functional production, and experienced cultural change challenges which grew an empathy to all areas of business.

To join TBAT I left core engineering to others and began to translate people’s ideas into plausible business cases to provide the best opportunity of securing funding.

My involvement soon shifted to TBATs effective project management & assistance service which you can read more about in the PM Section of our site. With this I have the exciting opportunity to join many companies during their program and help to introduce processes and systems that establish sustainable project control.

TBAT’s agility and willingness to engage in new client-focussed processes makes for an interesting and engaging place of work and allows us to establish a personal connection our clients. I believe it is this which sets the company apart and keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

Outside of work I enjoy sunny road cycling, attempting to play golf, spectating rugby and climbing to the tops of mountains.

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