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From a young age, I have always been driven by the desire to understand how things work and could often be found taking apart an old telephone or bicycle. Over the years, this sparked an interest in exploring the unknown and it was inevitable that I would gravitate towards science and engineering as a career. With a degree and PhD in Physics at the University of Nottingham, I became a Research Scientist at Toshiba Research Europe in Cambridge, realising new technologies enabling future quantum information applications.

After 5 fruitful years, I was ready to spread my wings beyond the confines of the laboratory and sought a role in which I could work more closely with people in a wide range of scientific areas. The opportunity to become a consultant at TBAT was a perfect fit and my role is focussed on helping our clients to prepare funding proposals, ranging from feasibility studies and concept development, through to prototyping and commercialisation.

Over the last two years I have been lucky enough to contribute to projects developing cutting edge technologies in advanced materials and manufacturing, power electronics, renewable energy, biotechnology, cyber security and synthetic intelligence among others. I love the challenge of embracing new ideas and find real satisfaction in the diversity and close relationships we forge with clients.

Our three youngsters ensure that I am seldom lacking for something to do, but when all is quiet I can often be found tinkering with our old campervan, growing vegetables or enjoying the crackle of vinyl records.

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