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I am fascinated by exploring the ‘edges’ of things. In the natural world, the edges of ecosystems can be the most fertile, diverse and interesting places. I believe this pattern is mimicked in scientific and technological realms. Where worlds collide, the most interesting and innovative things appear.

I have been involved with exploring solutions within seriously large problems, from environmental (environmental pollution, nuclear waste disposal/remediation) and sustainability challenges (manufacturing, resource efficiency, circular economy) through to accessibility of cell therapies. Throughout, I observed that the edges are often where problem-solving innovations germinate.

The potential for seedling innovations to grow into solutions that tackle serious problems is a great inspiration to me. At TBAT, I am excited to have the opportunity to facilitate this process, to catalyse the growth of innovations into future dominant players in their ecosystem.

To my delight, my home life is utterly consumed by my young family. Helping and watching my family grow and develop is my favourite thing. I have lots of other interests too, including art, photography and music. I like to both create and consume. A relatively new shared family passion is gardening and I am a bit obsessed with permaculture. – “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

Cycling is my sport of choice, although these days I need to attach a bicycle trailer for my children to come along too.

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