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Throughout my childhood I spent my summers sailing with my father in North Wales, and having a Grandfather that served in the Royal Navy, it was inevitable that I would begin my career, as a teenager, in the Royal Navy. Working through my apprenticeship as a weapons engineer and finishing my time in the Royal Navy as HMS Ark Royal’s head of Radar engineering section. I served throughout the world across several fleet vessels, as well as completing a tour in Iraq as part of a joint forces counter rocket and mortar artillery battery, CRAM: Op Telic 10, Basra.

“understanding of the technical challenges that are involved in innovation”

This background in engineering management and technical administration set me up well to move into the world of project management, allowing me to have an understanding of the technical challenges that are involved in innovation. After leaving the Navy I begun working as a Project Administrator, supporting Project Managers and Senior Consultants managing European Commission (EC) funded R&D projects and proposals. This “ground up” introduction into the world of R&D Project Management and proposal development has allowed me to have good understanding of the project administration, claim management and technical reporting process’. After 2 years as an Administrator I was promoted to Project Manager in 2014, and given the responsibility of managing several multi million Euro (€) projects under FP7 and H2020, spanning the Maritime, Security and Health sectors.

With over 5 years’ experience in managing EC R&D projects, I joined TBAT at the start of 2017. From technical reporting to understanding all aspects of identifying eligible costs within a R&D Tax Credit Claim.  As part of the R&D Tax Credit team, my role is to support SME’s and Large companies, across all sectors, to find innovation within their projects. Providing detailed technical reports, as to meet HMRC guidelines, and optimising the financial claim and resultant tax benefit.

“meeting the requirements of the reporting and claim process”

In parallel, I also focus on the development of the Grant Management portfolio within TBAT. Utilising my extensive experience in managing the claim and technical reporting processes within grant funded R&D projects. I consult, guide and support companies with ongoing grant funded projects to meeting the requirements of the reporting and claim process.

In my spare time, I coach a local rugby team, enjoy dog training and have a passion of motorcycles. I hope, at some point, to travel the world on two wheels.

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