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My interest in science and technology was sparked as a child by a love of science fiction – from books to films and video games, I couldn’t get enough. This passion has followed me through my education (I studied Physics at the University of Kent) and on into my career with my first job at RED Scientific Ltd, a research company.

During my time at RED I took on many roles, but found myself naturally gravitating towards Bid Writing. This combined my love of finding out new things with helping people to communicate their ideas, concepts and information more effectively. I therefore made the decision to move into professional grant application management, which has led me to TBAT, a company I was drawn to with their focus on research and grant funding and impressive track record.

As a grant writer I’ve worked with a much broader range of clients, and I continue to enjoy the opportunity to help them maximise their opportunities. I have always had a passion for the written word and I particularly enjoy working with clients to get to the heart of a new idea or innovation and communicating that to an assessor.

Outside of work, my passion for all things technical continues, particularly with my love of motor racing. I am a passionate fan of Formula 1 and go to the British Grand Prix most years, with the occasional trip to see Grand Prix in other countries such as Monaco and Canada as well.

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